Rattan goes conductive
By injecting conductive fillers, rattan’s capillary structure can be used for electrical impulses and wires. karuun® reflects the biological diversity of nature like few other materials. Being extraordinarily lightweight and ideal for use with functional surfaces, karuun® conductive enables the complexity of a product to be simplified into one single material or surface, opening up completely new, unimagined digitalisation possibilities.

Use: sensors, control and operation on natural surfaces, intelligent components, marking and display.

Karuun® conductive

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karuun® materials under development

Karuun® conductive 2

karuun® conductive

Smart Surfaces and the embedding of technology in Surface Design

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karuun® solid slide

karuun® solid

Extension of the properties of karuun® to include hardness and stiffness

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karuun® proof p2

karuun® proof

Extension of the properties of karuun® to include durability and weather resistance

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