From left to right: Felix Wurster, Julian Reuter, Fabian Schiller, Gerta Schmidt, Moritz Köhn, Felix Horn, Peter Kraft, Miriam Bröckel, Rainer Sontheim, Stephan Vidic.

Our Roots

out for space GmbH was founded in Kißlegg in 2015 and now has an international team.

Being granted a patent to refine and process rattan into intermediate goods such as panels, blocks and veneers kick-started the company. Before the company was even founded, karuun® was awarded the German Design Award in Gold. Today, the ofs-Group focuses on manufacturing, selling and developing karuun® materials to create pioneering products for forward-looking industries.


By combining research and design, out for space is blazing a new trail in sustainable material development.

Inspired by nature, traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, out for space sets exemplary standards in the manufacture of sustainable materials and innovative products. Driven by a vision to revolutionise the world of products and materials, we tackle unique projects which stretch from the rainforests of Asia to rural Allgäu, the homeland of out for space.


out for space embodies the passion for creating new space, space for greater awareness between man and nature – out for space.

out for space wants to pioneer economic change. We are convinced that sustainable economic development can only be achieved by simultaneously and fairly pursuing environmental, social, but also commercial goals.

How did the idea for
out for space and karuun®
come about?

During a trip to Bali, Julian Reuter discovers an almost forgotten material at a small handicraft market: rattan. He watches in fascination as the craftsmen make shapes and designs that he’d never seen done with a natural product before. Realising that the cultivation and harvesting of rattan in the 70s and 80s actually helped to preserve the rainforest turned that initial fascination into a vision for the future: to reanimate the material rattan.

Julian Reuter shares this with Peter Kraft right from the start. The two product designers have been successfully collaborating on projects together since their student days, and are always on the lookout for materials and solutions that combine ecology, design and economy. They believe that:

“A product can only be as smart, social or sustainable as the material it is made of.”

They recognise the potential of the “hidden treasure”: a one-of-a-kind high-tech material that is not only sustainable but also profitable. In cooperation with the Innovation Centre Lichtenfels, the innovative material karuun® and the company out for space are simultaneously created.

The ofs Group

From a two-man start-up to an internationally operating group of companies with more than ten employees – an overview of our growth and structural development.


karuun® is not only exceptional due to its technical properties, but also corresponds to the growing public awareness of the importance of preserving our earth’s ecosystems.


The future can be shaped. Especially if we try to do it together – in a friendly environment, in a value-oriented atmosphere. Together with a unique team, for an equally unique material and our planet. We are convinced that sustainable economic development can only be achieved through the simultaneous and equal implementation of ecological, social and economic goals.


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