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As head of our representative office in Indonesia, Julian is in constant contact with suppliers and production partners, he takes a keen interest in reproduction – when it comes to new rattan plantations. Julian is also one of our founders; he can claim a decent share of responsibility for the ingenious idea that is the nature tech material karuun®.

Julian, Co-Founder

If there’s anyone in our ranks who fits the Allgäu cliché of being a craftsman and a grafter then it has to be our Managing Director, Peter. As a co-founder and technical mastermind, we have him to thank for developing karuun® into a fully-fledged product. That and the saying “Not possible? Impossible!”

Peter, Co-Founder

One of the few downsides about working here: you’re not one of Felix’s customers. As our salesman extraordinaire, he’s responsible for making sure our customers in the architecture, automotive and consumer goods industries are happy. Felix is a big part of why we’re successful.

Felix, CEO

Moritz’s creative mind has been key in shaping karuun® product developments right from the early days. Drawing on impressive carpentry and product design skills, the ideas he comes up with are downright awesome!

Moritz, Product Design

From the jungle to car interiors: Felix (a.k.a. Harry) ensures that our nature tech material makes it from being (fairly) produced in Indonesia all the way to our customers around the globe. As they say, ‘Every person has their own load to bear’, Felix, however, has tons of them… stay strong dude!

Felix, ppa. SCM

Rainer is a true machine when it comes to our machines. His expertise is literally built into our (patented) production processes and systems. And therefore into every square centimetre of karuun® in the world.

Rainer, Design Engineer

Our aim is to make the world a little bit better, so it´s helpful if we talk about it. To manage this task, Christina is our first new team member from Saarland. On top of that she supplies everybody with handmade upcyling unique pieces. Therefore, she is a specialist in all sustainability and marketing topics.

Christina, Marketing

We forgot to mention that most of us surf. Vera too, of course. If not in Indonesia, then on our wave of success, which she contributes to in a major way with her dazzling customer support skills.

Vera, Sales

Our hero of sales loves nothing more than being on the road. When he’s not travelling about in his T5, Manuel uses his considerable experience to drive karuun® along on the road to success. As a capable product manager, he’s the friendly face of our innovative products for our clients in the automotive industry.

Manuel, Sales & Productmanagement

Aim for the top – that’s our senior R&D project manager’s motto. It not only applies to Sven’s attitude in the mountains, but also when he’s striking up forward-thinking collaborations and launching pioneering projects with our nature tech material karuun®.

Sven, Research & Development

Teresa is a talented all-rounder who absolutely smashes it, both at work and on the badminton court. With the crucial facts and figures at her fingertips, she orchestrates all internal and external communications about our nature tech material.

Teresa, Communication Management

In all honesty, we have so much to do that we wouldn’t manage without Hendrik. Not only does he keep track of our international supply chains, but he’s our in-house postilion too. Come to think of it, he could go into the bike rental business as well; all of us have such a blast riding around on his e-cargo bike.

Hendrik, Logistics

Saptomo is our first Indonesian employee, he supports the team at our production facility in IndonesiaWith his friendly nature and decades of experience in quality management, Saptomo makes sure that karuun® materials are manufactured to the highest standards across all our production sites.

Saptomo, Production

Stranded in Indonesia, literally: as a design engineer (and surfer), Stefan liked Indonesia so much that he chose the islands over our Allgäu homeland (unbelievable!). Now he’s at over our production sites making sure everything runs smoothly.

Stefan, Production

Ok, so apparently there’s no such thing as coincidence; as if it were meant to be, our paths crossed in Indonesia when Robin was instantly captivated by rattan and its possibilities as a material. Lo and behold he’s now enriching our team as a product designer. Among other responsibilities, Robin also takes care of sourcing and sustainability projects for us.

Robin, Project Management

Miriam is the visionary behind the creative output at karuun®. Based in Stuttgart, our Creative and Art Director applies her superlative sense for visual style to design and coordinate all our print and digital media.

Miriam, Visual Design

Where the magic happens – where you’ll be working

The studio

Where it all began – once upon a time it was a workshop-cum-office, now it’s where sales, marketing and logistics are based. And maybe you will be soon as well?

The workshop

Right next to the train station, in the centre of town and a good kilometre from the studio is our workshop. Here you’ll find our product designers, developers and warehouse.


Our nature tech material karuun® is manufactured at our production site in Semarang. That way, the added value stays right where it belongs: with the people in Indonesia.

Working environment cloud

Pretty much every company exaggerates how epic the working atmosphere is – at least 101% of all job pages seem to read that way anyway. Instead of bigging ourselves up, we asked everyone at karuun® to choose five adjectives that best describe the working atmosphere here, and then to pick three from those five that are especially fitting. Voilà!

Our job standards

We’re making the world a little bit better – so your work here has meaning.

Your colleagues and customers are at home all over the world.

No two lives are the same; we’re sensitive to your life circumstances.

Treat yourself to part-time work for family and more free time.

Inquisitive mind? Here you get the training you need to do your job well.

Laid-back office style without having to move to Berlin…

Wanna work from home?
Work from home!

The salaries we pay are more than fair. Both here and in Indonesia.

With karuun® you’re committed to 10 of the 17 UN sustainability goals

Find out more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals here.

New work for a new world – our opportunities:

We look forward to receiving your completed application as well as your earliest possible starting date and salary expectations.
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