It´s important to us that our Nature Tech Material meets all the individual requirements of your project based on the intended application of your product. So as a reliable partner, we’ll support you throughout the project life cycle, from conception to completion and even after sales.

With many years of experience developing our Nature Tech Material karuun®, we have encountered most problems before and have gained extensive knowledge about the various technical and economic requirements. We´re happy to pass on this expertise and help you develop future-oriented products and custom solutions with karuun®.

This includes:

– Comprehensive consulting from conception to completion

  • Development
  • Processing
  • Material

– Customer-specific support and implementation

  • Product training
  • Trade-fair support
  • Workshops

– Support for partners in all aspects of care and maintenance

  • Complaint management
  • Product optimisation (follow-up series)
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karuun® materials under development

karuun® solid slide

karuun® solid

Enhancing karuun’s hardness and stiffness properties.

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karuun® proof p2

karuun® proof

Enhancing karuun’s durability and weather-resistance properties.

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The mechanical properties of karuun® vary according to the specifications. To achieve the best results, we recommend testing karuun® in advance depending on the purpose and use. We are also happy to do this together with our customers in the form of a workshop.

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Tailor-made and exclusive development of a karuun® material to your sustainability and design requirements

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