Nice to have you here – karuun® welcomes to Kaiserhof Ravensburg

This is where tradition meets modernity. Carefully preserved details from the past are combined with modern boutique elements – karuun® is a perfect fit here.

Modern hospitality, exquisite gastronomy and encounters that enrich your life – welcome. karuun® wishes you a pleasant stay at the Kaiserhof Ravensburg.

The motto here: small, yet charming. As a sustainable design element, the welcome message on karuun® harmonises wonderfully with the modern hotel interior and brings a piece of nature to the hotel experience.

Photos: Stefan Kuhn Photography

More about the Nature Tech Material used
karuun® stripe

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karuun® is leading a revolution in the material world. An energy-efficient process transforms the natural structure of the rattan palm into an inimitable high-tech material that is both sustainable and commercially profitable.

rattan veneer - karuun® stripe

karuun® stripe

The first rattan veneer – Ideal for use as a surface or postforming elements and for coating all types of substrates.

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3D Furnier - karuun® 3D

karuun® 3D

3D veneer for dimensionally-stable spherical objects from the size of a button to large, deep-drawn components.

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veneer edge- karuun® edge

karuun® shine

A translucent material that is permeable to light and air, with exceptional stability, formability and feel.

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Blockware - karuun® block

karuun® block

Made from the trunk of the rattan palm karuun® block perfectly unite form and function.

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