karuun® in the new NIO SUV flagship

The future is picking up speed: the new SUV is NIO’s smart electric flagship. Efficient, comfortable – and equipped with karuun®, naturally.

A six-seater all-round SUV that meets the needs of users in various scenarios is the latest offering from the Chinese premium electric vehicle manufacturer. The new SUV comes equipped with an AI assistant and features an autopilot that can change lanes on the highway, plan a route to a swap station, perform a battery change and then navigate back to the highway. NIO’s goal is to make cars a safe and flexible mobile living space. With four “executive seats” and a flexible third row, the interior of the new SUV is both simple and roomy. karuun® could not be a better fit for the modern and natural elements which combine to create a safe and spacious retreat.

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karuun® stripe

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karuun® is leading a revolution in the material world. An energy-efficient process transforms the natural structure of the rattan palm into an inimitable high-tech material that is both sustainable and commercially profitable.

Our Nature Tech Material karuun® stripe - Rattan Furnier

karuun® stripe

Ideal for use as a surface or postforming elements and for coating all types of substrates.

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karuun® 3D

Dimensionally-stable spherical objects from the size of a button to large, deep-drawn components.

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karuun® shine

A light material that is permeable to light and air and has excellent stability, formability and feel.

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karuun® block

Made from the trunk of the rattan palm karuun® block perfectly unite form and function.

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