N.O.S.W. bread bin made out of karuun®​

The karuun® bread box asks, ‘who wants to keep their bread in a plastic container anyway?’

Bread boxes used to be made of rattan. The future today
With this bread box, the nature tech material karuun® positions itself in the world of 3D product design as the ideal plastic alternative and material of the future. The material used, karuun® 3D, is not only unique in terms of its shape and distinctive appearance but also because of its contribution to protecting rainforests in Southeast Asia.

Designer: Sebastian Kommer

More about the Nature Tech Materials used
karuun® stripe, karuun® shine and karuun® 3D.

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karuun® is leading a revolution in the material world. An energy-efficient process transforms the natural structure of the rattan palm into an inimitable high-tech material that is both sustainable and commercially profitable.

Our Nature Tech Material karuun® stripe - Rattan Furnier

karuun® stripe

Ideal for use as a surface or postforming elements and for coating all types of substrates.

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karuun® 3D

Dimensionally-stable spherical objects from the size of a button to large, deep-drawn components.

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karuun® shine

A light material that is permeable to light and air and has excellent stability, formability and feel.

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karuun® block

Made from the trunk of the rattan palm karuun® block perfectly unite form and function.

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