The surfboard, reinvented

An organic alternative to plastic shouldn’t be fun for Mother Nature only, right? Thank You, karuun® surfboard!​

Riding the sustainability wave​
With its exciting range of applications, karuun® has already inspired numerous companies around the world to rethink how they use plastics. One of the best-known surfboard brands has also set out for new shores with our nature tech material. karuun® is light and robust – ideal for the rigorous demands of a surfboard. The distinctive material aesthetics and extreme formability make karuun® an excellent choice for truly unique designs.​

Incidentally, rattan needs the biodiversity of primary rainforests to grow; it cannot thrive in a monoculture and cannot be harvested by machine. The demand for this natural product therefore contributes to forest protection. One place where rattan is cultivated for karuun® is the Mentawai islands. karuun® surfboards make a vital contribution to preserving this super popular surf spot, while also securing long-term income for the island population since the rattan is harvested traditionally by hand. Shaka!

More about the Nature Tech Materials used
karuun® stripe and karuun® 3D.

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karuun® is leading a revolution in the material world. An energy-efficient process transforms the natural structure of the rattan palm into an inimitable high-tech material that is both sustainable and commercially profitable.

Our Nature Tech Material karuun® stripe - Rattan Furnier

karuun® stripe

Ideal for use as a surface or postforming elements and for coating all types of substrates.

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karuun® 3D

Dimensionally-stable spherical objects from the size of a button to large, deep-drawn components.

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karuun® shine

A light material that is permeable to light and air and has excellent stability, formability and feel.

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karuun® block

Made from the trunk of the rattan palm karuun® block perfectly unite form and function.

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