Museum of the Future – a building made of the future

Like a window into the world of tomorrow – also in terms of architecture and building materials. The Museum of the Future in Dubai is definitely worth (time)travelling to.

The Museum of the Future is regarded as the global centre and testing ground for the future challenges and opportunities of mankind. In contrast to a traditional museum, the visions, concepts and innovations that aspire to a better world of tomorrow are presented here. An ideal home for the bio-economic future material karuun® – especially on level 4, where the “Heal Institute” is lined with around 600 square metres of the nature tech material; this chapter of the museum shines a light on the challenges faced by the sensitive ecosystems of tropical forests. And with karuun® adorning the walls, a solution is on show too!

Welcome to the anti-museum

General planning, exhibition planning, scenography, graphic and media design: ATELIER BRÜCKNER
Photos: Giovanni Emilio Galanello
Architecture: Killa Design

More about the Nature Tech Material used
karuun® stripe

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Unsere Produkte

Mit einer energieeffizienten Technologie verwandelt sich die natürliche Struktur der Rattanpalme in das Nature Tech Material karuun®.

rattan veneer - karuun® stripe

karuun® stripe

Das erste Rattan Furnier – Ideal als Oberfläche, für Postforming-Elemente und zur Beschichtung von Trägermaterialen.

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3D Furnier - karuun® 3D

karuun® 3D

3D Furnier für formstabile sphärische Objekte – Knopfgröße bis große, tiefgezogene Komponenten.

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veneer edge- karuun® edge

karuun® shine

Ein transluzentes Material – licht- und luftdurchlässig mit hervorragender Stabilität und Formbarkeit.

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Blockware - karuun® block

karuun® block

Die aus der Rattanpalme gewonnene Blockware verbindet Funktion und Ästhetik formvollendet.

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